An Online Modulation Strategy to Control the Matrix Converter Under Unbalanced Input Conditions


Due to absence of a dc-link energy storage part in the direct matrix converter (MC), any abnormality/disturbance within the input voltages is directly reflected on the output voltages. During this paper, a new modulation strategy to regulate the three$times$three MC underneath unbalanced input voltage conditions is proposed. The proposed strategy is based on modification of the house vector modulation strategy, which formulates and solves an optimization drawback to see the simplest switching states and their corresponding optimal duty cycles, such that the errors within the output voltages and therefore the input currents below unbalanced input voltage conditions are minimized. The salient feature of the proposed strategy is its capability to increase the output operating vary of the MC. The proposed strategy ensures that optimal performance of the MC over the entire operating vary, including the case when the converter operates with an output voltage larger than the most attainable balanced output voltage beneath unbalanced input voltage conditions, is achieved. Performance of the proposed strategy is evaluated and validated primarily based on time-domain simulation studies within the MATLAB/Simulink software setting and experimentation on a scaled-down laboratory prototype.

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