Space-Time Coding Schemes for MDL-Impaired Mode-Multiplexed Fiber Transmission Systems


Spatial division multiplexing (SDM) holds out the prospects of increasing the capacities of optical fiber transmission links, particularly with the recent achievements in the planning of few-mode fibers and few-mode optical amplifiers. However, these systems are impaired by the capacity-limiting mode dependent loss (MDL) arising from imperfections in the optical fiber and inline elements. Optical solutions were urged to scale back, yet not utterly remove, the accumulated MDL in the link through the employment of sturdy coupling fibers and mode scramblers. Inspired by our previous study on mitigating polarization dependent loss (PDL), we have a tendency to gift area-time (ST) coding schemes to mitigate MDL in mode-multiplexed optical transmission systems. We tend to show, for the first time, that the mix of redundancy-free ST coding solutions with inline mode scrambling and optimal maximum-probability (ML) detection can utterly absorb the SNR penalties induced by the MDL. The performance was assessed through simulations of three- and 6-mode multiplexed systems where MDL levels up to 10 dB were observed. But, given the increased computational complexity of the urged ML-decoded ST schemes, we gift 2 reduced-complexity ST solutions giving a near-optimal performance. The primary one consists in employing a sub-optimal decoder and the second may be a multiblock ST coding approach that can be scaled up for larger SDM systems.

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