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System Informatics: From Methodology to Applications

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System Informatics: From Methodology to Applications


This installment of Trends & Controversies provides an array of perspectives on the most recent analysis in system informatics. Kang Zhao, Yao Xie, and Kwok-Leung Tsui introduce the work in * pair of;System Informatics: From Methodology to Applications.two; On the methodology side, in "Projection-Primarily based Process Monitoring and Empirical Divergence," Wenpo Huang, Wei Jiang, Qingming Wei, and Yanting Li propose a framework of projection-based methods, and in * pair of;One-Category Classification Methods for Process Monitoring and Diagnosis," Sugon Cho and Seoung Bum Kim discuss how a information analytics algorithm can be used as a control chart. On the application side, two;IoT-Enabled System Informatics for Service Call Making,* pair of; by Kaibo Liu and Jianjun Shi, reviews current trends and future opportunities for IoT, with a special specialise in issues related to the large information collected by multiple sensors. two;Quantifying the danger Level of Functional Chips in DRAM Wafers," by Young-Seon Jeong, Byunghoon Kimb, Seung Hoon Tong, In-Kap Chang, and Myong K. Jeong, not solely identifies research challenges and opportunities for call creating with massive information in the method of semiconductor manufacturing but conjointly quantifies the risk level of purposeful chips in DRAM wafers. Finally, two;Flight Operations Monitoring through Cluster Analysis: A Case Study,* pair of; by Florent Charruaud and Lishuai Li, describes a replacement method known as cluster-primarily based anomaly detection to help airline safety consultants monitor daily flights and detect anomalies.

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System Informatics: From Methodology to Applications - 4.7 out of 5 based on 94 votes

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