Autonomic State Management for Optimistic Simulation Platforms


We have a tendency to present the planning and implementation of an autonomic state manager (ASM) tailored for integration among optimistic parallel discrete event simulation (PDES) environments based mostly on the C programming language and also the executable and linkable format (ELF), and developed for execution on x86_64 architectures. With ASM, the state of any logical process (LP), namely the individual (concurrent) simulation unit being part of the simulation model, is allowed to be scattered on dynamically allotted memory chunks managed via customary API (e.g., malloc /free). Also, the application programmer isn't needed to produce any serialization/deserialization module so as to take a checkpoint of the LP state, or to restore it in case a causality error occurs during the optimistic run, or to provide indications on that portions of the state are updated by event processing, so to allow incremental checkpointing. All these tasks are handled by ASM in a very fully transparent manner via (A) runtime identification (with chunk-level granularity) of the memory map related to the LP state, and (B) runtime tracking of the memory updates occurring inside chunks belonging to the dynamic memory map. The co-existence of the incremental and non-incremental log/restore modes is achieved via dual versions of the identical application code, transparently generated by ASM via compile/link time facilities. Conjointly, the dynamic choice of the simplest suited log/restore mode is actuated by ASM on the basis of an innovative modeling/optimization approach that takes into account stability of every operating mode with respect to variations of the model/environmental execution parameters.

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