Optimized Common-Mode Voltage Reduction PWM for Three-Phase Voltage-Source Inverters


During this paper, 2 new optimized common-mode voltage reduction PWM (CMVRPWM) ways primarily based on solving the established constrained nonlinear programming models in the time domain are proposed and analyzed. The proposed current ripple losses-optimized CMVRPWM (CRLO-CMVRPWM) minimizes the mean-square values of the three-part current ripples by calculating the optimized special solutions of the voltage–second balance equations beneath the designed switching sequences. CRLO-CMVRPWM will achieve higher output waveform quality than the prevailing strategies. The proposed switching losses-optimized CMVRPWM (SLO-CMVRPWM) online optimizes the bus-clamping designs consistent with the phase currents to attenuate the switching losses beneath totally different load power factors. Compared to the close to-state PWM with fixed bus-clamping styles, SLO-CMVRPWM can scale back a lot of switching losses in broader vary of the modulation index. Simulation and experimental results verify the superiority of the proposed methods to the traditional ones.

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