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Dither Re-Use in Nash Equilibrium Seeking

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Dither Re-Use in Nash Equilibrium Seeking


Nash equilibrium seeking (NES) theme consists of a variety of decentralized extremum-seeking (ES) “agents”, each controlling an input such that an associated (selfish) value is regulated to its steady-state Nash equilibrium. A non-native stability result for the NES theme is provided which allows two agents to use the identical dither signal if the result of every agent on the opposite's steady-state price operate is sufficiently weak. Its application to plants with quadratic value functions is presented as an example. It's then demonstrated in simulation that, by reducing the quantity of distinct dither signals, the proposed scheme still has acceptable convergence properties, while design effort is reduced.

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Dither Re-Use in Nash Equilibrium Seeking - 4.9 out of 5 based on 24 votes

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