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MIMO Power Line Communications

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MIMO Power Line Communications


Despite being a well-established ingredient to many wireless systems, multiple-input–multiple-output (MIMO) signal processing has only recently been considered for broadband power line communications (PLC). Adapting multiple-antenna transmission and reception techniques to a wired medium like the electrical grid needs solving a variety of problems, both concerning the physics of electromagnetic transmission and also the optimization of the signal processing methods. In the previous few years, vital steps were created to demonstrate the advantages of MIMO PLC and to develop the required hardware. Therefore, MIMO PLC has been adopted in many broadband PLC specifications, exactly as part of ITU-T in Recommendation G.9963, and as half of the industry specification HomePlug AV2, which is backward compatible to IEEE 1901. This paper reviews vital aspects of MIMO PLC, highlighting its similarities and main differences with classical wireless MIMO. It focuses first on the peculiarities of the electrical grid, with a survey of PLC channel and noise characterization during a MIMO context. It additional estimates MIMO PLC channel capacity adhering to the electromagnetic compatibility rules currently in force. Additionally, MIMO signal processing techniques most suited to PLC environments are discussed, permitting for throughput predictions. It's found that eigenbeamforming is the best selection for MIMO PLC: the full spatial diversity gain is achieved for highly attenuated channels, and maximum multiplexing gain is achieved for channels with low attenuation by utilizing all spatial streams. It's shown that upgrading from a typical single-input–single-output PLC configuration to a 2 a pair of MIMO configuration, the throughput will be a lot of than doubled whereas coverage is increased. The survey concludes with a review of specific MIMO PLC system implementations in the specification- ITU-T G.9963 and HomePlug AV2.

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MIMO Power Line Communications - 4.8 out of 5 based on 83 votes

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