An Extended Flux Model-Based Rotor Position Estimator for Sensorless Control of Salient-Pole Permanent-Magnet Synchronous Machines


Beginning from the classical dynamic model of salient-pole permanent-magnet synchronous machines (PMSMs) expressed in the stationary reference frame, this paper presents a mathematical model reconstruction method for salient-pole PMSMs, from that an extended flux-based mostly machine model comes. Compared with the commonly used extended electromotive force-based mostly model, the extended flux-primarily based model has notable benefits of simpler model structure and less sensitive to the variations of machine parameters and operating conditions. A replacement extended flux model-based rotor position estimator is then proposed for sensorless control of salient-pole PMSMs by utilizing a sliding-mode observer with a dynamic position compensator. The latter improves the dynamic performance and low-speed operating capability of the sensorless control system. Both simulation and experimental results are provided to validate the proposed rotor position estimator and therefore the sensorless management system for salient-pole PMSMs.

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