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Augumented reality is sometimes a live read of one thing real, with a computer-inserted overlay that creates it a lot of informative or entertaining. It's related to virtual reality, but instead of using the real world because the background for a computer-generated image or character, with augmented reality (AR) the important world is that the half that matters.

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PROJECT TITLE :Diggit: Automated Code Review via Software Repository Mining - 2018ABSTRACT:We present Diggit, a tool to automatically generate code review comments, providing style guidance on prospective changes, based on insights
PROJECT TITLE :Faultprog: Testing the Accuracy of Binary-Level Software Fault Injection - 2018ABSTRACT:Off-The-Shelf (OTS) software parts are the cornerstone of contemporary systems, as well as safety-important ones. However,
PROJECT TITLE :Architectural Protection of Application Privacy against Software and Physical Attacks in Untrusted Cloud Environment - 2018ABSTRACT:In cloud computing, it is usually assumed that cloud vendors are trusted; the guest
PROJECT TITLE :Flexible Hardware-Managed Isolated Execution: Architecture, Software Support and Applications - 2018ABSTRACT:We tend to consider the matter of how to produce an execution setting where the application's secrets
PROJECT TITLE :Locating Faults in MANET-Hosted Software Systems - 2018ABSTRACT:We have a tendency to present a method to locate faults in service-based mostly software systems hosted on mobile unintended networks (MANETs). In

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