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Smart warfare

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Smart warfare


After the Normandy landings and therefore the Soviet Union??s invasion of Germany, it took the Allies almost a year to get their hands on Nazi leaders and finish the Second World War. It value all sides numerous lives ?? many of them civilian. Ever was it so: the previous century, Napoleon had marched into Russia, lost seventy,000 men and hadn??t even got past Moscow??s gates; the USA faced similar problems shutting down the enemy in Vietnam, as did the Russians in Chechnya. However, one technological revolution later, if the US wants to take out a suspected Al Qaeda leader, it sends in an unmanned drone aircraft to drop a bomb from 50,000ft. No risk folks casualties. Less risk, they are saying, of civilian deaths. And no pitched struggle through the streets of the city in which target is living. With no pilot, it doesn??t even extremely matter if the drone crashes.

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