Practical Implementation of Dual-Purpose No-Voltage Drives for Bearingless Motors


Practical implementations of the ability electronics needed to control bearingless machines with the so-referred to as “twin-purpose no-voltage” (DPNV) windings are proposed. These windings enable a bearingless machine to use the identical coils to produce both radial suspension forces and torque, that has been shown in the literature to enable better machine performance. During this paper, the employment of two-level inverters is investigated for the two configurations of DPNV windings: the “parallel” and “bridge” configurations. The investigation is valid for standard p ± 1 pole-combine bearingless motors (i.e., bearingless permanent magnet and induction motors) and p = one bearingless motors (bearingless ac homopolar and consequent-pole motors). The advantages and disadvantages of each configuration are explored in terms of management complexity and needed hardware, potential paths for circulating currents are identified along with mitigation ways, and experimental results are presented to validate the proposed power electronic implementation.

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