Comparative Experimental Investigation of Broken Bar Fault Detectability in Induction Motors


It has been shown in the past that the zero-sequence current spectrum can be reliably used to detect broken bar faults in induction motors. Previous work was disbursed with in depth FEM analysis. Although it allows detailed study of spatial and time-dependent electromagnetic characteristics of induction motors, FEM could be a heavily time-consuming tool and this limits full study. Thus, during this work, intensive experimental testing has been performed to validate the zero sequence current spectrum for detecting rotor asymmetries. 3 identical induction motors are used: one healthy, one with a broken rotor bar, and one with two broken rotor bars. The motors were tested below different voltage supply levels and with completely different mechanical hundreds. The zero-sequence current spectrum was calculated when measuring the three phase currents. It is for the first time experimentally shown that this approach offers bigger diagnostic potential than traditional MCSA.

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