Ergodic secrecy capacity for downlink multiuser networks using switch-and-examine combining with post-selection scheduling scheme


A completely unique threshold-primarily based scheduling scheme for multiuser downlink wiretap networks is addressed, which accommodates a base station (BS), multiple legitimate users and multiple eavesdroppers. Notably, the active situation is focused, where BS has access to the channel state data for the eavesdropper's channel. In doing thus, new actual and asymptotic closed-form expressions for the ergodic secrecy capability are derived for multiuser downlink networks using switch-and-examine combining with post-selection scheduling at legitimate users and maximum ratio combining at the eavesdroppers. Moreover, the high signal-to-noise ratio slope and power offset are given to explicitly characterise the impact of main link and wiretap link on the ergodic secrecy capability. Simulation results show the effect of key parameters such as the quantity of legitimate users and eavesdroppers, switching threshold on the secrecy performance of the thought of wiretap network.

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