Signal and artificial noise beamforming for secure simultaneous wireless information and power transfer multiple-input multiple-output relaying systems


Simultaneous wireless data and power transfer (SWIPT) could be a potential technique to solve the energy scarcity problem in wireless communication networks. Data transmission security is one of the key problems to be addressed in SWIPT. During this study, the authors take into account guaranteeing the knowledge transmission security of a multiple-input multiple-output non-regenerative relay system with SWIPT in the physical layer by planning supply and relay beamforming to maximise the protection rate of the system. The matter is to design the supply signal and artificial noise (AN) beamforming and the relay forwarding beamforming jointly, that is very non-convex. They 1st propose an alternating optimisation-based mostly algorithm, that styles the beamforming matrices at the supply and relay separately and alternately. Next, they propose a joint design algorithm which styles the supply signal and AN beamforming and therefore the relay beamforming together. Finally, they propose a non-iterative design algorithm with low complexity. The performances of the proposed style algorithms have been verified by computer simulations.

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