Figures-of-Merit to Evaluate the Significance of Switching Noise in Analog Circuits


An analysis flow is proposed to determine the importance of induced (switching) noise in analog circuits. The proposed flow is exemplified through 2 commonly used amplifier topologies. Specifically, input-referred switching noise is introduced as the primary figure-of-advantage and compared with the well-known equivalent input device noise through analytic expressions. The comparison is achieved as a function of multiple parameters that characterize switching noise within the time domain (modeled as a decaying sine wave), like peak amplitude, period, oscillation frequency inside each amount, and damping coefficient. The analytic expressions used to get input-referred switching and device noise are verified with SPICE simulations. These expressions are utilised to develop dominance regions for both noise sources. Furthermore, time-domain switching noise amplitude (at the majority node) at that the input device and switching noise magnitude are equal (in the frequency domain) is determined as the second figure-of-advantage, providing guidelines for the signal isolation method. Reverse body biasing is additionally proposed to alleviate the result of switching noise by weakening the bulk-to-input transfer function versus reducing the switching noise amplitude at the majority nodes. It is demonstrated that this technique incorporates a negligible result on primary style objectives of the victim circuit whereas reducing the input-referred switching noise by up to ten dB. As a case study, the proposed flow is applied to a potentiostat circuitry where input sensitivity is of primary importance.

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