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0.18-μm Light-Harvesting Battery-Assisted Charger–Supply CMOS System

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0.18-μm Light-Harvesting Battery-Assisted Charger–Supply CMOS System


Wireless microsensors in hospitals, factories, and farms can manage and save lives and resources. Although tiny batteries cannot sustain them for long, harvesters can as a result of ambient energy is abundant. Photovoltaic cells are fashionable during this regard as a result of they output shut to a hundred× a lot of power from solar light than piezoelectric, electrostatic, and thermoelectric generators will from motion and warmth. But, since mm cells will only supply μW's of the mW's that microsystems will draw, and light-weight isn't continually obtainable, battery help is important. Thus to provide functions and sustain operation across extended periods, the system should extract most ambient power, draw minimal battery assistance, and deliver as abundant power as doable. The zero.18-μm CMOS harvester presented here will this, draws ten–100 μW from a $3 times 3 times one rm mm^3 $cell and assistance from a battery to provide a 1-mW load and recharge the battery with excess cell power. The switched-inductor charger provide regulates one V among $pm twenty five$ mV with $73hbox-86p.c$ power-conversion efficiency and keeps the cell within 1% of its maximum power point. This manner, the cell outputs $one hundred, rm mu W/mm^2$ from solar light and one μW/mm2 from direct indoor light.

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0.18-μm Light-Harvesting Battery-Assisted Charger–Supply CMOS System - 4.9 out of 5 based on 45 votes

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