Rail-to-rail regulating voltage-controlled oscillator with low supply and ground noise sensitivity


A rail-to-rail (R-to-R) regulating voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO) is employed to get multiple-section clocks for clock and information recovery in a very display driver IC (DDI). To attain a coffee offer and ground noise sensitivity, the proposed R-to-R regulating technique generates VSP and VSN as the supply and the ground of the VCO instead of VDD and VSS. By applying the proposed method, the frequency–VDD variation rate of the VCO (p.c−fVCO/p.c−VDD) changes from 3.5percent−fVCO/onep.c−VDD to zero.0073%−fVCO/onepercent−VDD at intervals the Vctrl range of 0.5–one.2 V. The DDI is fabricated during a 1P6M zero.18 μm 1.8 V CMOS technology for the interface block and during a 1.half-dozen μm eighteen V CMOS technology for the DAC. The R-to-R regulating VCO has a tuning vary of one hundred forty–240 MHz with linear and tiny gain (KVCO) characteristics, and is suitable for the section-locked loop used in flat-panel display interfaces that operate from 0.3 to 2 Gbits/s.

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