Bidirectional optical transcutaneous telemetric link for brain machine interface


A wavelength division multiplexing-based bidirectional optical transcutaneous telemetric data link for brain machine interfaces is reported. By changing the digitised electronic signals to a stream of infrared and visible optical pulses, the optical telemetry wirelessly transmits information between the implanted neural recorder/stimulator and the external management devices. A red visible vertical cavity surface emitting laser (VCSEL) with a peak wavelength of 680 nm is used in the downlink to transmit data from the external base unit to the implant. A close to infrared VCSEL with a peak wavelength of 850 nm is utilised within the uplink for information transmission from the implants to the external device. An optical filter is applied to minimise the interference between the 2 channels. In-vitro experiments show that the uplink is capable of transmitting information at 100 Mbps through 2 mm of porcine skin while the downlink is simultaneously working at a rate of 1 Mbps. The ability consumption of the implant half of the telemetry, together with the transmitter for the uplink and the receiver for the downlink are 3.a pair of mW and 290 μW, adore a transmission power efficiencies of thirty two and 290 pJ/bit, respectively, that are among the best reported and unseen for bidirectional high-speed transcutaneous communication.

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