Untilted edge-slot antenna arrays fed by wiggly double-ridged waveguide


A replacement technique is proposed to feed untilted edge slots using a wiggly double-ridged waveguide. The ridges have constant heights nearby each slot, but the heights of the ridges vary linearly from each slot towards the vicinity of adjacent slots. The heights of the ridges vary alternatively for successive slots whereas gap spacing between the upper and also the lower ridges are constant. It is shown that by changing the wiggle depth, the radiated energy of the proposed untilted edge slot will be controlled. An acceptable equivalent circuit is used for the proposed slot antenna and values of the elements of the equivalent circuit are derived by sweeping slot depths and wiggle depths. A linear array consists of 11 slots are then designed based on the proposed equivalent circuit to attain −twenty dB of side-lobe level. The designed array is built and tested. There's an agreement between the simulation and the measurement results that indicates the effectiveness of the proposed untilted slot.

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PROJECT TITLE :Untilted Narrow-Wall Slots Excited by Parasitic Dipoles in Groove Gap Waveguide TechnologyABSTRACT:This work describes a brand new means to excite untilted slots in the slender wall of a rectangular waveguide. The

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