Regular Node Deployment for -Coverage in -Connected Wireless Networks


K-coverage is an important issue in several applications of m -connected wireless networks, like localization of objects, mobile robotics, and tourism trade, where k ≥1 and m ≥ one . From the cost perspective, it's usually very necessary to keep up the specified level of coverage and connectivity with a minimum range of nodes. During this paper, we have a tendency to address the problem of optimal deployment in term of the quantity of nodes required to attain k -coverage in m -connected wireless networks below completely different values of k , m , coverage range, communication vary, and area of the irregular field of interest (FoI). We have a tendency to divide the FoI into regular patterns and estimate the optimal distance between nodes and pattern for k -coverage in m -connected wireless networks. Next, we tend to estimate the minimum variety of nodes and their locations needed for the coverage and connectivity. We validate the analysis and demonstrate the impact of k , m , coverage and communication ranges, and the FoI on the amount of nodes using numerical, simulation, and prototype results.

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