Power Semiconductor Filter: Use of Series-Pass Device in Switching Converters for Filtering Input Current Harmonics


An investigation into the utilization of series-pass device (SPD) to filter out input current harmonics of switching converters is presented. The idea is based on connecting a SPD in series with the input of the switching converter so that the input current of the whole system will be profiled by adjusting the biasing condition of the SPD. To attenuate the facility dissipation of the SPD, the input impedance of the switching converter is controlled to form the SPD operate at the boundary between the linear and saturation modes. Modeling, style, and analysis of the system architecture can be given. Choice guide for the SPD can also be given. The concept has been applied to a seventy five-W 90–140-V/twenty four-V classical dc–dc buck converter. Investigations reveal that the proposed architecture allows a considerable reduction in the dimensions of the filter section and gives comparable efficiency as the traditional passive-type LC filter. More importantly, the idea makes the input filter amenable to monolithic integration. These investigations lay the inspiration for applying the proposed concept for different power electronic converter systems.

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