Taper Fused Fiber Bundle Coupler for High Power Splitting


The primary experimental demonstration of a 1 × 4 all-fiber power splitter capable of high-power operation is presented. The splitter, prepared by fused taper technique and fusion splicing technique, consists of 1 input fiber with a core diameter of four hundred μm (NACORE = zero.22) and four output fibers with a core diameter of two hundred μm (NACORE = zero.twenty two). The device was tested at a laser power up to 16half dozen W and it achieves a coffee excess loss of zero.56 dB and an excellent uniformity of but zero.3 dB in port-to-port power splitting ratio. The results of theoretical simulation by the three-D beam propagation technique show that the performance of this splitter may be optimized any through modifying structure parameters.

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