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The New Readout System of the NA62 LKr Calorimeter

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The New Readout System of the NA62 LKr Calorimeter


The NA62 experiment at CERN SPS (Super Proton Synchrotron) accelerator aims at studying Kaon decays with high precision. The high resolution Liquid Krypton (LKr) calorimeter, designed for the NA48 experiment, may be a crucial part of the photon-veto system; to deal with the demanding NA62 requirements, its back-end electronics had to be fully renewed. The new readout system is based on the Calorimeter REAdout Module (CREAM) , a 6U VME board whose design and production was sub-contracted to CAEN , with CERN NA62 cluster continuously supervising the event and production section. The primary version of the board was delivered by the manufacturer in March 2013 and, as of June 2014, the complete board production is ongoing. Additionally to describing the CREAM board, all aspects of the new LKr readout system, together with its integration within the NA62 TDAQ theme, can be treated.

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The New Readout System of the NA62 LKr Calorimeter - 4.8 out of 5 based on 90 votes

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