Coordinated Adaptive Cruise Control System With Lane-Change Assistance


To address the problem caused by a typical adaptive cruise control (ACC) system, which hinders drivers from changing lanes, during this study we have a tendency to propose a novel coordinated ACC system with a lane-amendment help operate, which enables dual-target tracking, safe lane modification, and longitudinal ride comfort. We tend to initial analyze lane-modification risk by calculating minimum safety spacing between the host vehicle and surrounding vehicles and then develop a coordinated management algorithm using model predictive control theory. Tracking performance is meant on the premise of tracking errors of the host car and 2 leading vehicles, safety performance is realized by considering the safe distance between the host automobile and surrounding vehicles, and ride comfort performance is realized by limiting the vehicle's longitudinal acceleration. Driver-in-the-loop tests performed on a driving simulator confirm that the proposed ACC system can overcome the disadvantages of standard ACC and achieves multiobjective coordination within the lane-modification method.

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