Coupling of Fluid Field and Electrostatic Field for Electrical Capacitance Tomography


The performance of an electrical capacitance tomography (ECT) sensor is usually evaluated by static experiment with solid material(s) for some typical distributions encountered in 2-section flows. Considering the soft-field effect of an ECT sensor, the prevailing analysis method is not acceptable for evaluating the performance of ECT for the important advanced two-section flows. In this paper, a replacement simulation model is proposed by coupling two physical fields: fluid field and electrostatic field, primarily based on a combination model and an electrostatic model. The mixture model is predicated on the diffusive flux model, that is suitable for liquid–solid mixtures with high concentration of solid particles. An ECT sensor with 12 electrodes is modeled primarily based on an electrostatic model with a periodic excitation signal. The 2 models are coupled by an extra electric force in the momentum conservation equation within the mixture model. The time-varying permittivity distributions and capacitance knowledge are obtained from the computational simulation based on the coupling model to analyze the performance of the ECT sensor and image reconstruction. Linear backprojection and Landweber iteration with completely different parameters are used to reconstruct pictures. Experiment was administrated employing a rotation device with a 12-electrode ECT sensor to validate the simulation results. Each simulation and experimental results verify that the proposed coupling model is valid for evaluating the performance of ECT sensors and image reconstruction algorithms.

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