Lateral AlGaN/GaN diode with MIS-gated hybrid anode for high-sensitivity zero-bias microwave detection


A zero-bias microwave detector using an AlGaN/GaN-on-Si lateral diode that includes a recessed metal/Al2O3/III-nitride (MIS) gated hybrid anode (MG-HAD) is experimentally demonstrated. The forward turn-on voltage of the MG-HAD is decided by the brink-voltage of the 2DEG channel beneath the recessed MIS-gate, and so the nonlinearity of the device at zero bias can be flexibly modulated by gate recessing. The optimal trench depth of the MIS-gate for zero-bias detection was designed and experimentally determined to be ∼twenty three nm, that allows a high-curvature coefficient of seventy eight V−one at zero bias. The primary-order voltage sensitivity, βV, is as high as seven.8 mV/μW. To the best of the authors' information, these values are the very best reported for GaN-primarily based zero-bias detectors thus far.

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