A Microstrip Probe Based on Electromagnetic Energy Tunneling for Extremely Small and Arbitrarily Shaped Dielectric Samples


An energy-tunneling sensor is fabricated by joining two air-suspended short-circuited microstrip cavities with a common ground interconnected by a [*fr1]-wavelength wire. Because of tunneling, highly concentrated fields are created at the tip of the wire. In this letter, we tend to propose to use these concentrated fields to detect the presence of very small and arbitrary formed samples and their dielectric properties. The simulation and measurement results show respective frequency shifts of 60 and 80 MHz within the tunneling frequency when 2 ×2 ×1.6 mm3 samples of FR4 and Rogers 6006 materials are placed on the wire tip. This type of energy tunneling probe can bring a special advantage in the area of biomedical and forensic analysis where, typically the samples are tiny in size with no outlined shape.

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