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High-efficiency high step-up PWM resonant converter

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High-efficiency high step-up PWM resonant converter


A novel high-efficiency high step-up pulse-width modulation (PWM) resonant converter is proposed. It achieves high-voltage step-up by connecting the outputs of the boost converter cell and also the isolated single-ended PWM resonant converter cell in series, and high efficiency by zero current switching for the diode on the secondary aspect of the transformer of the only-ended PWM resonant converter cell. The boost converter cell within the proposed converter will not only step-up voltage, however conjointly absorbs the leakage inductor energy during the flip-off interval of the ability switch to boost power conversion potency. Experimental results of a 100 W 35 V/two hundred V prototype are presented to verify the analysis results of the proposed converter.

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High-efficiency high step-up PWM resonant converter - 4.8 out of 5 based on 83 votes

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