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Practical high curvature path planning algorithm in joint space

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Practical high curvature path planning algorithm in joint space


A practical high curvature path coming up with algorithm that considers the speed limit of a mobile robot in joint space is proposed. The existence of obstacles that constrict the sleek movement of mobile robots is inevitable. To avoid incoming collision, the robot is redirected to a brand new path with respect to the dimensions of the obstacle and a safety issue. The redirected path consists of geometric constraints such as high curvatures on its turning points that cause issue in controlling the mobile robot. Thus, a central velocity generation method that considers each velocity limits through a convolution operator and high curvatures at turning points is steered. The central velocity is ready to be within the configured velocity limit, otherwise actual velocity commands in joint space may result. Thus, interpolation to get uniform sampling and velocity downscaling is performed to come up with a possible joint house trajectory. The result shows short travelling time compared with previous methods whereas satisfying velocity limits in the joint house.

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Practical high curvature path planning algorithm in joint space - 4.7 out of 5 based on 68 votes

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