Name Label Switching Paradigm for Named Data Networking


Named Data Networking (NDN) is regarded as one in every of the promising architectures of future Internet, in that every packet encompasses a name and packet forwarding is predicated on lookup of name other than IP address. Scalable fast packet forwarding is often a challenge in NDN. During this letter, a MPLS-like label switching mechanism is proposed, referred to as Name Label Switching (NLS), that uses mounted-length label swapping replacing unbounded name lookup at core nodes and caches data solely at edge nodes. The NLS node architecture and forwarding method were presented, and its forwarding performance was analyzed and evaluated by simulation. It showed that NLS will improve the forwarding performance significantly. Using NLS, about thirty sevenp.c of the data response time and about 70p.c of the Interest packets processing time at core nodes can be saved, compared to native NDN.

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