Frequency Measurement of Far-Infrared Laser Emissions Generated by Methanol Isotopologues


An optically pumped molecular laser system has been used to come up with far-infrared (FIR) radiation with a selection of methanol isotopologues as its laser medium. Once detected, the frequencies of these laser emissions were measured employing a heterodyne technique to a one-sigma fractional uncertainty of ±5 parts in 107. In total, sixty eight FIR laser frequencies, starting from zero.417 to 2.61one THz, have been measured for the primary time. These laser emissions were generated by six isotopic styles of methanol, CD3OH, CH3OD, CH2DOH, CHD2OH, CD3OD, and CH317OH. 2 of these laser emissions were discovered during this investigation and are reported with their optimal operating pressure, polarization with respect to the CO2 pump laser, and output power.

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