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Nulling antenna realised utilising a concept of multiplicative array

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Proposed is a beam forming architecture for improving the power-inversion algorithm that is most commonly used in nulling antenna systems. To prevent the possible degradation of the original gain of a nulling antenna in the circumstance when there exists strong interference, the received signals from the physical radiation elements in digital domain are multiplexed with a power-inversion array (PIA) and a primitive array (PA), and then the desired radiation pattern is formed by multiplying the outputs from the PIA and the PA, to obtain expected narrow nulls in the directions of the interference and in the meantime roughly maintain the original gain and the beam shape of the main lobe. Simulation fits well with the analysis, showing the effectiveness of the proposed approach.

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Nulling antenna realised utilising a concept of multiplicative array - 4.7 out of 5 based on 68 votes

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