Memristive diode bridge with LCR filter


The class of nonlinear dynamical systems known as memristive systems was defined by Chua and Kang back in 1976. Since then, several studies have addressed the explore for physically-realisable memristive systems. In this reported work, it is proved that the class of memristive systems encloses an elementary electronic circuit comprising a full-wave rectifier with a second-order RLC filter.

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PROJECT TITLE :Synaptic Weight States in a Locally Competitive Algorithm for Neuromorphic Memristive HardwareABSTRACT:Memristors promise a suggests that for prime-density neuromorphic nanoscale architectures that leverage in situ
PROJECT TITLE :Electromechanical Emulator of Memristive Systems and DevicesABSTRACT:This paper introduces a replacement approach to emulate two-terminal circuit parts with memory-memristive, memcapacitive, and meminductive systems
PROJECT TITLE :Memristive Hebbian Plasticity Model: Device Requirements for the Emulation of Hebbian Plasticity Based on Memristive DevicesABSTRACT:During this work we tend to gift a phenomenological model for synaptic plasticity
PROJECT TITLE :Spin-Transfer Torque Magnetic Memory as a Stochastic Memristive Synapse for Neuromorphic SystemsABSTRACT:Spin-transfer torque magnetic memory (STT-MRAM) is currently under intense academic and industrial development,
PROJECT TITLE :Coexistence of Memristive Behaviors and Negative Capacitance Effects in Single-Crystal $hbox_$ Thin-Film-Based DevicesABSTRACT:$hbox{Pt/TiO}_{2}/hbox{Nb:SrTiO}_{3}/hbox{Pt}$ devices show pronounced bipolar multilevel

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