Electrically small tunable antennas using split ring resonators


Presented are tunable electrically tiny antennas composed of split ring resonators (SRRs), which are used to scale back antenna size. To control the resonance frequency, a lumped inductor is inserted between the SRRs and the bottom. The proposed antenna operates within Korean personal communication services (PCS) frequency bands of 1750- 1870 MHz, and the dimensions of the antenna is 1/33λzero x one/thirty threeλzero with an operating frequency of 1800 MHz. In spite of its tiny size, the radiation potency and -10 dB bandwidth were measured as eighty two% and 2.four%, respectively. Smart agreement between the expected and measured results ensures the validity of the planning technique to supply a frequency adjustment using lumped inductors in tiny SRR antennas.

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