My main interests are RF circuits and systems for wireless communication. In the past few years, I??ve been working on individual building blocks for RF transceivers, such as low-noise amplifiers, mixers, oscillators and filters. I relish the diversity of RF circuit design because it involves different disciplines like microwave theory, microelectronics, and, my favourite, device physics. Recently, we have a tendency to have been working on a project to develop low-power transceivers for medical implants. To find out about implants we obtain recommendation from experts in alternative fields. Doctors, biologists, veterinarians, and zoologists join the project as consultants. We learn things outside our fields in each discussion with them, which is really a heap of fun.

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PROJECT TITLE :What's Cooking with Chef Watson? An Interview with Lav Varshney and James BriscioneABSTRACT:Chef Watson may be a cognitive computing application that aims to revolutionize how people combine ingredients to form
PROJECT TITLE :Interview (John Cridland)ABSTRACT :WHENEVER YOU activate Radio 4 within the morning and hear the newscaster delivering a statement on business confidence in the UK, you'll be sure that the information presented
PROJECT TITLE :InterviewABSTRACT :It's one among the simplest selling management books of all time. For 2 decades, it has consistently appeared in various 'Prime ten' lists of best management books ever. The success of 'Shackleton's
PROJECT TITLE :Book interview (Vijay Govindarajan)ABSTRACT :Any fool knows it: the key to growth is investment in emerging markets. The BRIC countries have economies that are expanding at a rate meaning they will outstrip safer,

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