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Fast two-pick n2n round-robin arbiter circuit

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Fast two-pick n2n round-robin arbiter circuit


An everyday (one-pick) spherical-robin arbiter circuit picks one active requester (if any) out of n requesters. A two-decide spherical-robin arbiter selects up to two requesters. An na pair ofn two-pick spherical-robin arbiter indicates the picked requests with (at most) two-hot n-bit output. A spherical-robin arbiter is truthful to its requesters and will this by repeatedly moving its highest priority pointer to the position immediately next to the second requester picked. Presented is the circuit design and VLSI implementation of a replacement scalable two-decide round-robin arbiter with low latency, which is compared with previous work based mostly on logic synthesis results.

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Fast two-pick n2n round-robin arbiter circuit - 4.9 out of 5 based on 71 votes

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