15.1 mW 60 ghz up-conversion mixer with 4.5 dB gain and 57.5 dB LO-RF isolation


A coffee-power and high conversion gain (CG) 60 GHz up-conversion mixer using standard ninety nm CMOS technology is demonstrated. The up-conversion mixer includes a unique double-balanced Gilbert cell with negative resistance compensation for CG enhancement, a Marchand balun for changing the single LO input signal to a differential signal, and another Marchand balun for converting the differential RF output signal to a single signal. The up-conversion mixer consumes fifteen.1 mW and achieves IF-port input reflection coefficient (Γin) of -thirty dB at zero.1 GHz, LO-port (Γin) of dB at 59.nine GHz, and RF-port (Γin) of -twenty eight.eight dB at 60 GHz. At IF of GHz and RF of 60 GHz, the up-conversion mixer achieves CG of 4.five dB and LO-RF isolation of 57.5 dB, one among the best CG and isolation results ever reported for a sixty GHz CMOS up-conversion mixer.

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