Synthesis and Design of Mixed Lumped and Distributed Low-Pass Filters/Low-Passing Impedance Transformers With Taylor Series


During this paper, a synthesis method by applying the Taylor series is proposed to design a variety of low-pass mixed lumped and distributed circuit networks, as well as the low-pass filters and low-passing impedance transformers. 1st, the principle of applying the Taylor polynomials for these mixed circuit networks is mentioned. Herein, the trigonometric functions, commonly used to characterize distributed circuits, are expressed in the form of polynomials by the appliance of Taylor polynomials. Thus, the transfer perform of the mixed networks is simplified from a multivariable to a polynomial kind. Following this, a generic circuit structure is proposed to style either a coffee-pass filter or an occasional-passing impedance transformer with specified port impedances. The desired filtering perform uses the similar technique to remodel the trigonometric perform into a format of polynomials. Beneath the equalization of the transfer operate and filtering function, all the unknown style parameters are obtained. As two examples, a coffee-pass filter and a coffee-passing impedance transformer are synthesized, designed, and fabricated to experimentally verify the proposed style approach.

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