A Method to Separate Radiations From a Dual-Frequency Operation Gyrotron


A methodology was proposed to efficiently separate radiations from a dual-frequency operation gyrotron. The operation modes TE02 and TE04 are converted into linearly polarized Gaussian beams, and the theoretical predictions of the power conversion potency are 85% for TE02 mode and ninety% for TE04 mode, respectively. The linearly polarized beams with totally different frequencies are oblique incident toward a spatial filter based on the frequency-selective surface, the beam at zero.eleven THz is totally mirrored, the beam at zero.twenty two THz is transmitted, and the transmittance is %. The transmission characteristics of the spatial filter change a little when the incident angle ranges from zero° to thirty°. The preliminary experiment for the transmission coefficient of the spatial filter is distributed when the incident angle is 0°, the trend of the transmission coefficient from the theoretical predictions agrees well with the experimental results, but there's a very little difference at 0.11 and 0.22 THz thanks to the fabrication error.

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