Thin-Film Transistors With Neodymium-Incorporated Indium–Zinc-Oxide Semiconductors


A skinny-film transistor (TFT) with a neodymium-doped indium–zinc-oxide (NIZO) channel layer was fabricated. It was found that the Nd component uniformly distributed in the whole NIZO films, which revealed a nanocrystalline structure, implying that Nd was incorporated into the IZO lattice instead of segregated as clusters. The NIZO TFT annealed at three hundred °C showed a saturation mobility of cm , a flip-ON voltage of −one.thirty two V, a subthreshold swing (SS) of 0.twenty three V/decade, and tiny flip-ON voltage shift below negative gate bias stress (−zero.42 V) and positive gate bias stress (0.40 V). As the annealing temperature increased, the threshold voltage of the NIZO TFTs became a lot of and additional negative. Compared with IZO TFTs while not Nd, NIZO TFTs exhibited lower SS and less turn-ON voltage shift as the annealing temperature increased. It was found that the free carriers of NIZO can be lowered even with a little quantity of Nd ( %). When annealed at a temperature of as high as 400 °C, the oxygen out-diffusion result of NIZO wasn't as serious as that of IZO. Detailed studies showed that Nd atom could suppress the formation of oxygen vacancies thanks to the robust bonding strength of Nd–O (703 kJ/mol).

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