Luminescence Studies on Ba MgSi O Doped With Eu and Tm Phosphors


Di-barium magnesium silicate doped with Eu2+ and Tm3+ phosphors were prepared for various concentrations of Tm3+ ions keeping the concentration of Eu2+ as 0.five mol%. Photoluminescence (PL) studies of prepared samples were distributed. Emission spectra exhibited optimum green color emission at 509 nm when Tm3+ was one.5 mol%. Emission is anticipated to arise thanks to the transition of Eu2+ ions from any of the sublevels of 4d65f1 to its ground state (8S7/a pair of). This sample with one.5 mol% of Tm3+ is taken for X-ray diffraction analysis. XRD pattern confirmed that the sample follows monoclinic structure with C 1 two/c 1 (fifteen) space cluster. Scanning Electron Microscope image of the sample exhibited the uniform morphology with average particle size of 222.fifty four μm . Thermoluminescence (TL) glow curves of the sample for different UV irradiation were conjointly recorded which presented single broaden peak targeted at concerning ninety one °C. Phosphorescence decay curve was indicative of presence of dual exponential decaying section with a quick decay followed by an extended decaying part.

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