Saving Power in Video Playback on OLED Displays by Acceptable Changes to Perceived Brightness


Displays based on organic light-weight-emitting diodes (OLEDs) are currently widely used in mobile devices, in which they're major power consumers. The power drawn by an OLED display increases nonlinearly with sub-pixel intensities-so reducing brightness saves appreciable power, but can displease users. This paper examines this tradeoff, and proposes a color mixing theme in that each frame is darkened in a very way that reduces power consumption significantly whereas limiting the visual impact. The target lightness of frames is set, within the LAB color space, from average intensities of the first frames; and these average values are in flip obtained by adaptive sampling, therefore as to cut back the computational overhead. An Android smartphone uses twelve%-36% less power when running this theme, compared to standard video playback, whereas a user evaluation recommended that reducing brightness to a sure extent will be largely unnoticed, or readily tolerated.

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