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Dipole Field Navigation: Theory and Proof of Concept

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Dipole Field Navigation: Theory and Proof of Concept


To realize the effective navigation of microscale agents within the vascular network, a high magnetic field strength with high directional magnetic gradients are needed. Thus far, the ways that have been investigated support solely one of those specifications however not both. Here, we tend to propose a replacement method dubbed dipole field navigation (DFN) that provides high field strength to bring magnetic agents at saturation magnetization with gradients exceeding three hundred mT/m at any depth among the human body. For DFN, the high field strength is achieved by inserting the patient in the tunnel of a clinical MRI scanner, whereas high gradients are generated by the distortions of the scanner's homogeneous field from larger ferromagnetic cores placed at specific locations outside the patient. The main challenge of DFN lies in the ways that are needed to adequately place the cores in the tunnel. Here, a first technique is presented to resolve the inverse magnetic problem of positioning such a set of cores thus that microscale agents might be guided through a desired path in the vascular network. As a 1st proof of concept, magnetic particles were steered successfully in three consecutive bifurcations in a three-D in vitro network.

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Dipole Field Navigation: Theory and Proof of Concept - 4.5 out of 5 based on 2 votes

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