Multi-Valued Decision Diagram-Based Reliability Analysis of -out-of- Cold Standby Systems Subject to Scheduled Backups


To enhance the system reliability while conserving the restricted system resources, cold standby sparing is typically used. In computing tasks, because active elements fail randomly, and therefore the standby element has to select up the mission task whenever required, scheduled backups are usually implemented to save lots of the completed parts of the task. The backups can facilitate an effective system recovery where the standby part can take over the mission task from the last backup point instead of resuming the mission task from the terribly beginning. This paper considers a $k$-out-of- $n$ cold standby system subject to scheduled backups, where $k$ components are on-line and operating, with the remaining parts waiting within the unpowered, cold standby mode. Whenever an on-line element fails, a cold standby component is activated to take over the mission task from the last backup purpose. The backup intervals are deterministic, but will be even or uneven. Because the component could fail due to an imperfect switching from the standby state to the absolutely powered up state, the switching failure is also thought of in the system model. A multi-valued call diagram (MDD)-based mostly analytical approach is proposed to evaluate the reliability of the thought-about system, and its complexity is analyzed. The proposed method is applicable to systems with non-identical parts following arbitrary lifetime distributions. Examples are given to illustrate the MDD-based mostly methodology. The correctness and potency of the proposed methodology are verified using Monte Carlo simulations.

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