Ge/ZnS-Based Micromachined Fabry–Perot Filters for Optical MEMS in the Longwave Infrared


This paper reports on the successful demonstration of Ge/ZnS-based Fabry–Perot filters operating in the longwave infrared (LWIR). The suitability of thermally deposited Ge and ZnS as thin-film mirror materials for micromachined LWIR Fabry–Perot filters has been absolutely investigated, and it is shown that a film growth temperature more than 150 °C is vital to depositing sturdy ZnS films. The optical constants of Ge and ZnS films in the LWIR band reveal that the material try possesses high refractive index distinction and excellent LWIR transparency. Fastened-cavity LWIR Fabry–Perot filters with a a hundred and fifty- $mu textm$ circular single-layer Ge top mirror and a four-layer Ge/ZnS/Ge/ZnS bottom mirror were fabricated. Curvature within the suspended top mirror was corrected using a thin SiNx stress-compensation layer. Once curvature correction, a mirror flatness of 550 nm was achieved, and therefore the filter demonstrated a 60% peak transmission with a full-width at 0.5-maximum of 70zero nm and a out-of-band rejection of twenty four:1. [2015-0143]

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