Graphene Nanoribbon Quantum-Well Interband and Intersubband Photodetector


one-D quantum-well (QW) formation and energy state confinement in armchair graphene nanoribbon (A-GNR) heterostructures have been studied. A photodetector device structure based mostly on A-GNR-QWs has been proposed to include each interband and intersubband optical transition using a back-gate potential. Photocurrent, dark current, and quantum efficiency of various A-GNR-QW photodetector structures are studied using self-consistent simulation between nonequilibrium Green’s perform formalism together with electron–photon interaction and Poisson’s equation. Optical detection from short-wavelength infrared to ultraviolet vary has been observed having a tunable feature, which makes our device a promising candidate for future optoelectronics.

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