Solution-Processed Organic Complementary Inverters Based on TIPS-Pentacene and PDI8-CN2


Organic complementary inverter is one among the key building blocks of some organic circuits, and the electrical performance and manufacture technique of inverter might confirm its applications prospect. Through resolution method, the organic complementary inverters were demonstrated primarily based on triisopropylsilylethynyl-pentacene and N,N’-dioctyl-one,seven-dicyano-perylene-(3,4:9,ten)-tetracarboxylic diimide, that exhibited low operation voltage (four–10 V), high gain (twelve–twenty seven), massive noise margin (>sixty% of one/ , low static power dissipation (tens of nanowatts), and a propagation delay time of ms. The answer processibility and overall performance of the inverter are highly promising for the applications in organic circuits.

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