Electromagnetic Field Synthesis by Hierarchical Plane Wave-Based Field Transformation


An optimization-primarily based field synthesis approach is presented that employs a hierarchical plane wave-based mostly field transformation concept for economical evaluation of the inverse downside forward operator. Irregular transmit antenna array configurations will be used to synthesize a target field distribution in an arbitrarily shaped test volume with full consideration of the antenna component radiation characteristics. For this purpose, a triangular mesh forms the check zone boundary surface on that Rao–Wilton–Glisson (RWG) vector-basis functions perform electrical and magnetic field testing. An iterative Krylov subspace solver is employed to solve the unwell-posed inverse drawback for the transmit antenna coefficients. The effectiveness, accuracy, and efficiency of the proposed field synthesis algorithm are demonstrated for configurations with check zone extents of up to 1 hundred wavelengths. Moreover, the approach is used for antenna measurements, where antenna near-fields are transformed into so much-fields.

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