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High-power characterization of a microcutter actuated by PMN-PT piezocrystals

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High-power characterization of a microcutter actuated by PMN-PT piezocrystals


An ultrasonic microcutter is an alternative approach to conventional ultrasonic instruments actuated by sandwich piezoelectric transducers for surgery. This paper reports high-power behavior of a microcutter actuated by the piezocrystal lead magnesium niobate???lead titanate (PMN-PT), defining its practical performance and therefore the feasibility of PMNPT actuation for surgical applications. The microcutter was driven at resonance with constant current amplitudes, either unloaded or loaded by poultry breast tissue, until its behavior achieved a gentle state. Throughout this driving method, its electric impedance, resonant frequency, and vibration velocity, along with the temperature increase of the PMN-PT, were recorded in real time. The microcutter created a most vibration velocity >2.8 m/s with an excitation current of zero.eleven Arms. The mechanical loss increased considerably with current amplitude, resulting in a very maximum temperature increase approaching 50°C around the interface between the PMN-PT and the blade, where they were bonded together with epoxy. Because of the low section-transition temperature of PMN-PT, this temperature rise prevented the microcutter from working at higher current amplitudes. Along with the high vibration velocity, it additionally caused a frequency shift downward by three kHz at the identical current amplitude. During tests with poultry breast tissue, radiation reactance increased the resonant frequency and therefore the radiation resistance increased the loss of the microcutter. But, the loss didn't any increase the temperature of the piezoelectric material. The utmost force and the general work needed to penetrate the microcutter into poultry breast tissue were reduced by forty ?? eightp.c and fifty three.5 ?? half dozen%, respectively, when the microcutter was actuated at a current of 0.07 Arms.

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High-power characterization of a microcutter actuated by PMN-PT piezocrystals - 4.5 out of 5 based on 2 votes

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