Incorporating PV Inverter Control Schemes for Planning Active Distribution Networks


The distribution network designing under active network management (ANM) schemes is becoming of interest because of substantial advantages in facilitating the increasing integration of renewable energy sources. This paper presents various potential ANM schemes based mostly on the photovoltaic inverter management (PVIC) considering enhanced utilization of the inverter reactive power capability. Depending on the active power generation of PV arrays, inverter size and desired reactive power settings, several PVIC schemes are proposed. The PVIC schemes are incorporated within the optimal power flow (OPF) and formulated as a nonlinear programming (NLP) problem. During this study, the PVIC schemes are applied to maximise the entire wind-distributed generation (DG) penetration on a typical U.K. distribution system. Various case studies are presented and compared to evaluate the performance. The results show that the proposed schemes will significantly increase the wind penetration levels by 45.4p.c and up to ninety two.threep.c.

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